Bitclout is a stock market for people who believe in stocks and social media. Every Individual has their coin

and price. It’s a way

to bet on people. Get their creator coin if you believe

your favourite person’s

reputation will grow in the next five years. Owing a

little piece of someone’s

success that inspires us is pretty motivating.  

Would you happen to know If you go to Bitclout’s website,

you can’t do anything if you do not know the password? It

seems like one of the

techniques to build hype and get early adopters to want

in is to not let them

in, just like clubhouse.  

As a Creator, you can set any percentage you take from

the coin where people invest. Default is 10%.

However, you can fix

anything between 0-100%. As an illustration, if

Mr, A buys 1000$ worth

of coins, then the creator will get 100$ as a

brokerage. What’s cool about

it is that when you become famous or build up your reputation in

the public eye, your market cap will eventually grow. Under those

circumstances, you’ll earn 10%

of that. With this intention,

some of our creators set their cut as zero instead of ten because they don’t want to discourage people from buying their coins. Accordingly, they bet on themselves. 

How do I claim my account? / Their growth Hack

Developers took the top 15000 Twitter accounts moreover created profiles for all of them immediately. They let few people in with bitcoin to buy their clout coin; therefore, every time we buy a currency, the default is 10%. By all means, the commission goes directly to our creator, who owns that currency. 

How do I sell my coins?

 Sooner or later, the question will arise. How can I withdraw my clout coins?

Ok, here’s some criticism, your fact detector will fly around your room, or you’re going to raise your eyebrows to the moon. 

You can transfer money in. However, there’s no way out. Once purchased cannot be withdrawn “the option is not available right now.” 

One cannot go and get the money out from these social media stocks to this world. 

Suppose you allow people to grab 100K immediately. What do you think they will do?

They will withdraw it out of the system; eventually, the system will collapse. As a result, the purpose will defeat of providing the value of

somebody’s art. It can be seen as a goodwill gesture towards the hard work and dedication of an influencer/Creator, which can inspire others to do something good with their lives.

There’s a theory why Bitcoin is valuable. Because the central philosophy of religious BTC holders is to “HOLD THE COIN”, They strongly believe selling their holdings will cause a decrease in the value of their assets. In the same way, Clout coin Devlepors wants you to hold your horses. Once the network is big enough, get appropriate strength, you can simply add liquidity also, people can trade in-out. At this point, the chances are very less for the whole programme to fail.


In Finance and economics, the greater fool theory states that the price of an asset is determined by whether you can sell it for a higher price at a later point in time.

How can I make money from it?

Money can be made on the basis of the creator’s ups and downs. You can make money if they did something good, or you can sell if your influencer makes a mistake and ruins their reputation.

Trust me. It is a lot easier to track a person as compared to any other cryptocurrency.

It’s important to realize, if I like Elon Musk and I believe in him under those circumstances, this technology builds on a blockchain can allow me the liberty to own a part of Elon’s journey to success. Therefore I can easily bet on the basis of hard and smart work instead of a volatile coin.





This will give you full access to your account 


What is the use of creator coin?

Today it’s just about to buy and sell. However, 

What can you do to reward people who possess your coin. as a result, more people wanna but my coin.

Stakeholder meeting

A Q&A can be set up for anybody who owns over 100 of our coins. 

For my superfans who want exclusive access to me

(Inbox with price) Buy coins to ask questions

(VIP PROGRAM) TOP coin holders




Costs a tiny amount to like something.

Will there be any exchange?

Talking to people, watching videos on the internet about media stocks, How bitclout is growing  

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