These are the best heaters you can buy for winter

What is the best heater on the market? Comparison, types and brands

When choosing the best heater for your home, you have to attend to a great amalgam of models with different characteristics .

Of course, each type is specific to each case, so choosing the heater correctly will be good for your pocket, whether it is one of the leading brands such as DeLonghi, Orbegozo and Bomann , or other lesser-known ones.

heater type

Of air

These are the multi- purpose heaters par excellence . They are made up of a resistor and a fan, so they can be placed anywhere.


Although it is included in the air heaters, the truth is that these models retain heat and reduce consumption thanks to their operation and their quartz bars for heating.

Infrared heater or panels

Unlike the previous ones, these types are less versatile and portable . They are more efficient and consume less energy in exchange for losing mobility.

Of oil

Although its appearance is that of a radiator, this type of heater heats up relatively easily and is one of the safest alternatives for heating up since its oil does not burn.

In return, it can emit certain gases that worsen the quality of the air as long as it is not used properly or maintained correctly. For example, it is not recommended to dry clothes with them.

Power and energy consumption

The use of heaters, especially depending on the power, will increase energy consumption, and therefore the bill. That is why you should choose the power based on the size of the room .

Typically, 1,000 watts can heat rooms of up to 15 square meters with some ease; but they will be inefficient for rooms of 20 square meters or larger.

Likewise, betting on ceramic heaters or panels contributes to savings; but if you have a thermostat you will be able to maximize its function and not have surprises at the end of the month.

Tips for using a heater safely

Whether you have heat or not, sometimes you need a little extra help to beat the cold . However, carelessness with heat sources can cause unpleasant incidents. That is why following a few simple guidelines can mean that they are used with complete peace of mind:

  • Condition the space you are going to heat and move the heater one meter away from any object.
  • Make sure that the cable and the plug that connects it to the electrical current are in optimal conditions.
  • Adjust the temperature on the thermostat and gradually adjust it to the room.
  • Do not keep it on for a long time or more than necessary, and unplug it after turning it off.
  • After use, make sure it is cool before storing it   to prevent dust from accumulating.

How to clean a heater

All devices accumulate dust and dirt, so it is important to avoid obstructing the air outlet .

It will not only prevent health mishaps, but also prevent fatal risks. Therefore, a compressed air tool will help remove dirt better than any other element.

The first thing is to turn off the device . Once cold, you can start cleaning, paying special attention to the exit areas.

What is a balanced draft heater

It is an efficient and functional type of heater that provides heat safely , in contrast to infrared or catalytic heaters, since they generate burnt gases by removing oxygen.

They are also sustainable , as they do not pollute during use.