How to use Food Processor?

How to use food processor might seem to be a mundane question, but it goes a long way in ensuring you get the best out of your machine. Firstly, let us take a moment to admire just how resourceful this piece of appliance is. It can take hours off your workload and minimize your time slaving away in the kitchen. It is therefore important for any housewife to truly understand the true potential of this machine. To do this, it is essential to know how to work with a food processor. So, without further delay, let us take a look at the stepwise working of the food processor: 

Plug-it Up 

Of course, this is the first and the foremost step when operating any electronics. So, set out the cable and unwind the wires. Set your machine up at a place where it is within easy reach of the electric sockets. And yes, ensure you have the relevant voltage supply compatible with your brand and model. 

  1. The Attachments

So, what is it going to be? A tall glass of fresh juice or a pancake batter? Or do you need some chopping-up to do? Well, your food processor has a specific jar and attachments for that very exact purpose. All you need to do is locate, identify and fix it. As for the basic attachment of the jar, you need to place the jar on the base attachment of the main machine body. Gently push it downwards, and twist it anti-clockwise till you hear a satisfying ‘click’. This indicates that your jar has settled well into the base attachment and is ready to roll. 

  1. The Right Selection

As mentioned one the previous step, it is important to ensure you get your attachments right. This is worth repeating in case you are wondering about how to use a food processor to chop vegetables, so get the suitable blades. Likewise, you have a blending blade for batters, a juicer jar, the right blades for grating and slicing. However, one must bear in mind that the grating and the slicing blades have a slightly different attachment mechanisms. In this case, you need to fit the required blade onto the disc and then fix this together onto the disc supports within the large jar. Turn anti-clockwise to fit right and secure. 

  1. Put a Lid on It

After you have assembled the required attachments and fixed them onto the tubular attachment of the main motor body, you get the lid. To set it up properly, you fix it and twist it anti-clockwise, and allow the sleek part protruding to smooth and slide into the ‘pillar part’ of the main motor body. Finally, how do you use a food processor? Well, we will get to that in a while.

Note: When and if you need to chop, DO NOT place the ingredients BEFORE you finally fix the attachments. You need to put the veggies or fruits only after the complete assembly. 

  1. Turn It On

Now, it is time to finally get the show started. You will find the Switch On/Off button and the Speed rotator on the main motor body. Switch ON and select the right speed of the process as required. Some models also have the PULSE function to offer you the desired results, as required. 

  1. The Ingredients

As in the case of chopping and slicing, you need another step to take care of. Once you have placed the chopping blades onto the disc and attached the lids, you need to place the ingredients into the ‘feeding tube’. Simply pop in or cut to fit the ingredients and give it a push with the ‘Funnel cover’ as the motor starts. This will automatically allow the ingredients to chop as required and fall into the jar. 

  1. Now, Collect and Clean

Now that you know how to put together a food processor, it is time to wrap it back upThough quite simple, yet it is essential to be precise about your twists and turns. Turn open the lid by sliding clockwise, and you will hear the familiar ‘click’. Now, twist out the main jar in a similar manner and direction. Empty the ingredients and scoop out using a spoon or hand for best results. Likewise, extract the blades from the disc or the bending blades. Wash using gentle products or soft cloth and soap. Clean all parts individually and place them apart to dry out. As for the main motor body, it is essential to use a clean damp cloth to clean it. 

  1. Stack it Away Properly

As you now know how to operate a food processor, you might as well treat it with respect! Essentially, there are few delicate yet important fixtures of the food processor that require preserving. For this, simply find a specific place to store your food processor after you assemble all the parts. 

What to Watch Out For

Well, that was quite simple, wasn’t it? Yes. But before you jump into deciding the first food processor you can lay your eyes on, step back. The food processor how to use can be easy, but making the right selection can make all the difference. Here are few aspects of the machine to watch out for: 

– The size. Yes, what exactly are your requirements all about? You do not need an elaborate machine if you simply need some juicing and basic chopping; likewise, if you are a ‘wannabe Chef’, you might want to get yourself a large setup that comprises all the fixtures you need.       

– Check the Chute. Some models have rather narrow ones that can be quite a nuisance. So check out properly for a more comfortable experience where you do not need to jam in all the ingredients only to have them choke in the process. 

– Are you into dishwashing? And plan to offer the same treatment to your food processor as well? For this, you need to make sure that the model you are choosing is dishwasher safe. 

– The warranty of a product goes a long way in ensuring you can get the required services and replacements as and when required. 


So, my dear fellows here is how to use a food processor step by step. The food processor is an easy-breezy kitchen assistant to get your job well done. The best part is that it is the perfect partner for the modern housewife, who has more on her plate than cooking. With the food processor by her side, she sure can have more’ me-time to enhance her wellbeing, something we tend to overlook. 

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