How to remove Facebook profile picture without deleting

How the profile looks after the profile photo is removed? 

When someone removes the profile photo from their Facebook account, Facebook automatically sets the default picture in the place of the profile photo. 

The default photo shows the blank white silhouette of a girl/boy in a light blue background, which is not open or gets bigger, and nothing changes when any user clicks on the profile photo.

In addition, the girl or boy silhouette depends on whether you have female gender or a male gender in your account.

Besides, you can remove or delete the cover photo too, and it shows a totally blank image that will not open or get bigger on click.

However, Facebook also shows default photos when your friend has permanently or temporarily deleted their account and when any user blocks your account from their account.

How to have a blank profile picture on Facebook

There are two different ways to have a blank profile picture on your Facebook account: uploading a blank image and deleting your profile picture.

Let’s discuss both ways one by one.

Uploading a blank image

The first method is to upload the full black image or full white image as your profile picture. 

Here are the steps of doing this process

Step 1: Go to Google or any other browser, Search “full black image” or “full white image”.

Step 2: Long tap on the image.

Step 3: Now, from many options, choose the “Download image”.

Step 4: Further, log in to your Facebook account.

Step 5: From the top-right corner of your screen, tap the three dots icon then, click on your name to visit your profile.

Step 6: In your profile, tap on the profile picture.

Step 7: Further, choose the option of “Upload Photo”

Step 8: Then, select the whole black or white image which you have just downloaded. 

Step 9: Finally, click on “Update” to upload the blank image as your profile picture.

Deleting the Profile picture

The second method for having a blank image is to delete your profile picture.

By the profile, tap photos, then after, opening the profile photo from the album and delete it from the options.

We will discuss this process in detail further in this article.

How to remove Facebook profile picture without deleting

You may want to remove your Facebook profile picture and hide it from friends and other users without deleting it.

The simple way of doing it is to change your profile picture privacy from “public/friends of friends/friends” to “Only Me.”

Let’s discuss some steps to do this process.

Step 1: Open the Facebook application then, Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Now, Navigate to your profile for other settings.

Step 3: In your profile, click on your profile picture.

Step 4: Then, choose the option of “view profile picture.”

Step 5: Further, your profile picture is open, so, from the top right corner – tap on the three dots.

Step 6: Many options will show to you, but now you need to Tap on the “Edit privacy/Edit audience”

Step 7: Finally, Change the settings to “Only Me” so only you will be able to view your profile picture.

You have successfully removed your profile picture without deleting it from your Facebook account. Now, your friends and other users who are not on your friend list cannot see your profile picture. It shows a blank profile picture to everyone.

Delete profile photo but Keep it on Facebook

Many of you may wonder how is it even possible to store the image on Facebook even after it is deleted?  

Don’t Be Confused! By doing the simple process we will discuss, you can delete the profile photo and make it appear a blank picture and still keep the same image on Facebook after re-uploading it in only-me privacy so that only you have access to that picture.

Step 1: Download the Photo

  • Log in to your Facebook account if you have not opened it yet.
  • Tap on three dots in the top right corner.
  • Then, click on your name to open your profile.
  • Further, Tap on the profile photo.
  • Afterwards, choose the “view profile picture.”
  • Then, click on Menu in the three-dot icon.
  • Finally, select the last option, “Save”.
  • On desktop, it will download and appear in the download folder, and On mobile, it will save in your phone memory.

Step 2: Delete the profile photo from Facebook

  • In your profile, Tap on “Photos.”
  • Then, open the profile photo album.
  • From the album, Tap on your current profile picture, which you just saved.
  • Choose More options through the three dots icon on the top right corner.
  • Finally, click on “delete” and confirm yes.
  • Now, your profile photo shows a blank image.

Step 3: Upload the same photo. 

  • Firstly, go to the news feed page.
  • On the top of the news feed, tap on the option “Photo” with “What’s on your mind?”.
  • Now, Select the photo from the gallery which you downloaded.
  • After selecting the photo, Tap the “Next” button to go on the Create post page.
  • Then, Change the privacy from “Public/friends” to “Only Me.”
  • You may edit text, location, what you are feeling or add some more photos if you want to.
  • Finally, tap “Post” from the top-right corner of the screen. The photo is now saved on your Facebook, and nobody else has access to view this image.

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