How to Add Products to Your Google My Business Listing, Illustrated

“Who has X near me?”

This FAQ for customers is now more crucial since 2020, as people relying on the Internet to assist them in their efforts to remotely find goods and services and taking the least amount of time at their workplaces.

Google recognizes this and is making incremental steps to position itself as an intermediary to this fundamental question. It is now”the ” transaction layer of the Internet” is my colleague and friend David Mihm of Near Media describes Google’s goals in relation to buying online and how they intend to play in this. Local businesses across the globe are scrambling to launch e-commerce as well as delivery options, Google has been very busy, as well in its own development.

One of the possibilities to start by utilizing could be Google My Business Products -which is an e-commerce window shopping experience which can truly freshen up your listing. They are available in the suitable GMB dashboards and having an output that is visible on a variety of local search platforms it could not be simpler to use.This illustrated tutorial will guide you through the process of adding your most important services and products on Google My Business Products, making sure you’re on the right track as local search expands to include the local shopping.

Who is allowed to add Google My Business products to their business listings?

If you log into Google My Business, and you are logged into your Google My Business dashboard, and you find an option on the left menu bar for “products” you are eligible to upload your products, with the exception of products that are listed in this section which you aren’t able to upload.

If you’re not seeing”products” in your dashboard, but you don’t have the “products” link but see that your competition is using it, it’s likely they’re in the Google My Business category you’re not able to access. Utilize GMB Spy Chrome Extension GMB Spy Chrome Extension to view all of your competitors’ GMB categories of listing so that you can think about including whatever you think is needed to cause for the “products” option to appear on your dashboard.

Google’s explanation of the feature says that it’s designed for local businesses of a small to medium size, and that they would prefer larger multi-location brands to offer information on their products via Local Inventory ads. It would be beneficial to Google updated this page with a numeric cutoff for a medium-sized company and a major chain.

In the meantime, if you’re promoting a restaurant, take note that Google prefers to utilize the well-known dishes as well as menu functions to showcase your products, not the product option. In addition, for companies that are service-oriented, be aware that adding items to the product function will erase any menus of food or service that were designed by a third-party. They’ll have to be recreated using the menu function that is based on Google or the Services tab on Your GMB dashboard.

What could be added as a feature that can be added to Google My Business listings?

The following items can be listed as items:

  • Merchandise
  • Virtual inventory is similar to software
  • Services

There’s a solid argument to be made in favor of listing your services as goods as they’re more noticeable and feature those powerful connected calls-to-action. From what I’ve observed, Google has no problem in having both products and services on their site and you’re able to have both!

How to add products and services to the Google My Business dashboard in 10 simple steps

To stay on top of your organizing Create your own sheet (or make a copy of this freebie I made for you) with all the products you’re going to list and then include a space within it for:

  • Product image
  • Name of the product
  • Category
  • Price
  • Description
  • Button
  • Link

BEFORE YOU STARTING: Remember that the final product you choose to add will appear at the top of your list on your personal profile. This means you can save the most valuable for the very last. Made a mistake? You can remove an item and add it to the latest item and it will the first to be displayed. Or, you can alter an item in a minor manner and the change can trigger a re-ordering of the product’s lineup.

You’re now ready to go!

Step 1. Step 1: Log in to Your Google My Business dashboard for the page you wish to add products to and then click to open the Product tab on the navigation menu left of the screen:

Step 2. This will display an ad that tells you how many people viewed your profile last month and prompting you to include your items. Hit to click the “get started button”.

Step 3. This will open the easy wizard for adding your items

step 4 Step 4: Begin by putting up a 1200 x 990 photo that represents your first product. I would suggest using original photographs and images instead of images that are stock, and it makes a powerful visually if you choose to add the name of the product’s the text of the photo.

Phase 5 Step 5: Give your product a name.

6. Step 6: Create an appropriate category for the product. When this product is first item you’ve added to your listing, there’ll appear in the dropdown. As you add more items and categories, the categories you’ve previously made will be displayed in the dropdown, and you can choose categories to apply to the next item you add, or create new categories.

Step 7. Optionally, you can enter the price. You can type in only one price, or use the small gray toggle to the right to type in an upper and lower price range. Make sure you don’t use any symbols or letters in this field, or Google will not accept the entries. Our pricing structure for our products at Moz is complicated, including special deals and pricing for monthly and. annual customers. Hence, we decided to leave the field empty However, If your pricing is easy and doesn’t require regular changes that would need you to change your prices on a regular basis it’s an excellent idea to include it.

step 8 Add an item description that is at least 1000 words. This isn’t required but you should use this opportunity to highlight the benefits of this product. I have included a brief explanation about this Moz Pro product, plus the testimonial of a satisfied customer.

9. Add a call-to-action button to your website from the list of Buy, Learn More online, Order Online and Get Offer. You can also choose not to include the button however, why not take advantage of the possibility of bringing clients from your site to your site? Within the “link for your button” area, enter your URL for the page that you would like to send the user to on your site. If you’re interested in measuring how your product pages are performing, you can use UTM tags when you input the link and measure engagement using Google Analytics, though not in GMB Insights unfortunately.

step 10 You should take an additional look at the information entries to make sure you’re satisfied with your entry. Then, click”save” “save” button. Google will display the results on your dashboard.

When you are adding additional categories of products and products You will see them displayed on your “Products” section of your GMB dashboard:

Then, voila! Within a few minutes to an hour it will be possible to have your products listed in Your Google Business Profile in the event that you type in your brand’s name (or city name and brand If Google isn’t clear):

Customers can click”view all” or “view all” link to view all the items you’ve listed

You can even let them investigate using the product categories you’ve developed. Check out how large and striking these categories buttons are, which highlight the most important features of your company!

It will also be visible in your Google Local Finder version of your GMB listing, however, according to what I’ve noticed, it’s not in your Google Maps version of your listing.

The main question is: Should you be using GMB products?

Should and can’t be the same. You’ve learned that you can upload your inventory using GMB products, and now you can certainly accomplish it! To determine if it is worth the effort and shouldinvest your time and effort into doing this, think about all of the below:

Perhaps, but yes!

  1. The adoption rate for Google My Business products is so minimal as of now If you decide to add your own products it will definitely fill your page with more than the majority of your competitors in the majority of sectors. This is definitely a advantage in the market.
  2. If you’re able to capture high-quality photos or employ a graphic designer that can effectively design images for you, then photographs of your products can be an extremely attractive visual aspect for your listing. If you’d like to make your somewhat boring listing look more inviting and appealing, this is an excellent alternative.
  3. If you have a stock that is relatively stable, which means that you don’t have to constantly edit existing listings of products to prevent customers from being disappointed in the event that items are no longer available it’s a safe bet. If your pricing for stable items changes it may be a good idea to stop showing prices.
  4. If you’re looking to bring additional visitors through your site and shopping cart, it is definitely an chance. The added benefit is that this is likely to be qualified, as the person searching is looking for something specific.
  5. If you’re still not capable of investing in an e-commerce system that is fully integrated that is local to you, think about GMB products as a first step in letting shoppers know that you have merchandise that is available for purchase even if you aren’t able to currently satisfy their wish to purchase it online.
  6. In the end, an “yes” vote on adding products to your GMB listings is in line with the company’s values of caring. No matter where you conduct the business, your neighborhood is full of elderly as well as neighbors with serious medical issues, and young children who have to stay in their homes for the sake of safety throughout the time that the epidemic is present. Think about GMB merchandise as sort of virtual shopping experience for the community’s most valued members, and if you are able to connect your showcase to delivery to the curb or at home you are helping to make your community a more compassionate and more well-equipped place to call home. Utilize the description fields as well as buttons, to inform the public know how they can deliver your items safely in their hands.

Perhaps, but not sure!

  1. If your inventory is constantly changing you’ll have to consider whether you have internal resources to update your inventory on GMB’s GMB dashboard.
  2. If you have a large inventory it is not necessary to list every item. Instead, you can include one representative item for every major category of items and include a description in order to show that you have a broad variety of this kind of product.
  3. Mobile phones can produce stunning images these days, however the photos you take do not look professional and aren’t professional, it can be a deterrent to potential customers who see low-quality photos. You may want to hold off adding items until you’ve learned how to create photos that give a an impression that is professional and shows how good your products and services.
  4. Certain business owners might have some reservations about Google’s growing involvement between them and their clients and choose to focus on their own websites instead of committing extra budgets towards Google My Business features.
  5. If you have limited resources it is possible to bypass Google My Business products for this moment and move straight into Google Shopping, which has a more sophisticated interface.

In the end, all local businesses can benefit from investing the time needed to add Google My Business products. Google has provided us with every reason to believe they’re in the business of the shopping experience, and two significant indications of this being the launch of their Shopping Graph at I/O in the spring of this year and the fact that it will be possible to upload free items on Google shopping by 2020. We’ve all learned over the last few years that when Google concentrates on a particular sector of the internet, then we ought to at the very least pay close attention to the ways in which their work can be applied to local brands.

There are a variety of avenues you can explore to increase your online visibility for your inventory. Right this moment, Google My Business products are the most convenient approach to begin this process. The season of shopping for the holidays is just across the horizon and, if you begin adding products to your website today you will have the listing that is viewed for having the items that local shoppers are looking for during December.

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