Best Taurus Steam Irons 2022

Since then, the brand has been growing and expanding internationally, creating subsidiaries throughout Europe, Latin America, South Africa and India .

The company’s philosophy is based on offering quality products adapted to the specific needs of each country , as well as producing and implementing a solid and effective management system.

As far as steam irons are concerned, which is what concerns us, in this article we analyze, comment and compare the most representative and best valued models that the Taurus brand currently markets.

he 3 best Taurus steam irons in relation to Quality/Price

We analyze below, in more detail, all the models of clothes irons shown in our comparison table.

1. Taurus Jade 2200 – Taurus Basic Plancha

We begin our analysis of the Taurus brand steam irons with this basic, simple and economical model , with a price that is normally less than €25. We would recommend it, mainly, for specific or occasional uses , although it is true that it offers us more than acceptable ironing results .

The Taurus Jade 2200 iron has a power of 2,200W for rapid heating, and an almost immediate use of it. It gives off a continuous steam of 30 g/min , with a steam boost of up to 130 g/min , which allows us to remove most wrinkles from our garments , even the most resistant ones.

The soleplate made of ceramic material , together with its precision tip , makes it easier for us to slide through the different fabrics, as well as a more comfortable and precise ironing . Its weight is only 1.2 kg so it is very light and manageable .

Other noteworthy features of this model would be the possibility of vertical ironing for the most delicate garments, its double anti-limescale system with self-cleaning function and the anti-drip system that prevents drops of water from escaping during ironing.