Best steam iron in India

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The demand for the best steam iron with stand-in India has grown in the past decade. The reasons are precise and plentyAfter all, we all want to look our best every time. A nice clean, fresh shirt crisp from ironing is the perfect start to face the challenges of the day ahead. For this, an efficient steam iron can make all the difference. So, which one is the best for you to opt for? Well, here is a buyer’s guide to selecting the perfect steam iron according to your needs, budget, and use. Also, do not miss out on the all-new AskTheBests Rating that offers an unbiased insight into what’s going on in the user’s mind.

PHILIPS Perfect Care Power Life Steam Iron GC3925/34, 2400W, up to 45 g/min steam Output, Opti Temp Technology, Steam Glide Plus Soleplate, Drip-Stop and Safety Shut-Off with No-Burns Guaranteed 

Philips brings to you among the best steam iron in India that comprises the sleek design and fine features. The product is the perfect safe treatment to iron your clothes while retaining their quality.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review:4 /5

Value for money: 4/5

Customer Care: 4/5

Overall Ratings: 4 /5

Specifications Factors:

1. Item Weight:1485 Grams

2. Power Consumption:2400 Watts

3. Power Source: n/a

4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features:

–         Automatic Shut-off featured on the product that allows safety from burns.

– Comprises of Calc-Clean slider that saves the product from salt deposits over time.

– The product is safe to be used on a wide variety of fabric range; silks, cotton, or delicates

– Features the all-new OptimalTEMP technology that offers the fine balance of heat and steam for crease elimination.

– The Steamexpulsion is steady with a 45g/min for the ultimate performance. Also, the fast option of 180g of boost steam is available, which eases out the most stubborn of the crease.

– Now, you can enjoy a smooth glide with the SteamGlidePlus soleplate that irons the fabrics with one swift movement.

– Also, the 300mlwatertank offers a one-time filling capacity for non-stop operation at a single go.

– The product offers dripstop technology along with the vertical steam function that can iron out fabrics from a vertical position as well.


– No temperature setup is required

– Not too heavy, easy to handle, and use

– Large plate hence covers the maximum area

– Generous amount of steam generated


– Not as effective on crease clothes

  1. Havells I-Tech Automatic with Programmed Temperature Technology Steam Iron (Blue)

This is one of the best garment steamers in India from the brand house of Havells. This steam iron is a good-looking sleek appliance that offers ease of use and excellent results.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4.2 /5

Value for money: 4 /5

Customer Care: 4/5

Overall Ratings: 4.2/5

Specifications Factors:

  1. Item Weight:1 kg 670 g
  2. Power Consumption: 2200W 
  3. Power Source: n/a
  4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features:

– Comprises a programmable temperature technology that offers operation without the use of a selecting knob.

– Features the auto-shutoff that operates when the appliance is not moved for 30 seconds in horizontal position and 8 minutes in vertical position

– With the Anti-drip feature, one can easily cope with unwanted leakages, thus ensuring ease of use.

– With the powerful mist spray feature, you can easily use a fine spray to eliminate wrinkles and creases.

– The product comprises 461 vent holes and Ceramic coated plates that ensure a smooth glide across all fabrics.


– Smooth glide function

– One can expect fewer accidents due to burns

– Can be used on various fabrics like Silk, Georgette, and others.

– Filling water and emptying it is an easy non-mess task


– none

  1. Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2996/20 2400W with up to 40 g/min steam Output, SteamGlide Soleplate, Drip-Stop, Vertical Steaming, and Safety Shut-Off

This product is among the best iron box in India and comprises some of the latest features along with fine design, making it a bestseller.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4 /5

Value for money:4 /5

Customer Care: 4 /5

Overall Ratings: 4 /5

 Specifications Factors:

1. Item Weight:1.28 Grams

2. Power Consumption: 2400 W

3. Power Source: n/a

4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features

– Features the revolutionary self-cleaning feature that makes it easy to handle without worrying about cleaning up.

– With the anti-drip function, one can use the appliance without having to worry about making a mess.

– A powerful spray feature offers intense spraying action that ensures the right amount of dampness for easy ironing.

– For stubborn wrinkle removal, one can easily opt for the steam burst function, which eliminates crease instantly.

– Features a 5 layer SteamGlideSolegel soleplate for easy gliding action.

– The continuous stream of up to 40g/min along with steam boost can work great for stubborn crease.

– Comprise of 360-degree swivel cord that ensures you an unrestricted movement.


– Smooth operation

– Ensures no burning of clothes

– Filling and emptying of water is an easy task

– Lightweight and easy to handle


– Too lightweight

  1. BLACK+DECKER Steam Iron Press 2400-Watt with Auto Shut Off and Ceramic Sole Plate Coating (Blue)

This is one of the best garment steamer India, which features innovative design and the latest technology in the market. The product is a perfect got-to steam iron that caters to the needs of the modern lifestyle.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review:4.2 /5

Value for money: 4.2 /5

Customer Care:4.2 /5

Overall Ratings:4.2 /5

Specifications Factors:

  1. Item Weight:1.45 Kilograms
  2. Power Consumption: 2400 W
  3. Power Source: n/a
  4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features’

– Comprises an anti-drip feature that ensures a mess-free operation without wasting water.

– With the Ceramic coated plates; one can rest assured about the even distribution of heat all over the fabric

– Offers an impressive 35g/min of steam output and 90g/min of steam boost for easy crease elimination.

– Features a 380 ml water storage tank that allows the user to function at a full-fledged iron spree without water breaks.

– Also features the innovative anti-clock function that allows no-scale build-up.

– With auto-shutoff, one can easily enjoy a safe ironing experience

– The product also features a self-clean feature that offers hassle-free handling for years to come.


– The product is safe

– The product is easy to use

– Is good to look at

– Is easy to use

– Comprises of safety features


– The quality of the soleplate can be improved

  1. Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC2147/30-2400W, Quick Heat-up with up to 30 g/min steam, 150g steam Boost, Scratch Resistant Ceramic Soleplate, Vertical steam, Drip-Stop

This is one of the best steam presses in India that brings together great aesthetics and modern technology into a common package.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4.2 /5

Value for money:4.2 /5

Customer Care:4.2 /5

Overall Ratings: 4.2/5

Specifications Factors:

1. Item Weight:1194 Grams

2. Power Consumption: 2400W 

3. Power Source: N/a

4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features

– The product comprises a Triple precision tip that offers fine pressed action that covers the fabric well.

– The 350-degree swivel cord ensures freedom of movement and ease of use in any kind of space.

– The Powerful steam expulsion effectively eliminates germs and microbes, thus offering a hygienic experience. With the drip-stop function, one can easily enjoy a non-messy ironing experience.

– Comprises 30g/min of continuous steam for an excellent and steady performance.

– Also features the 150g steam boost function for quick ironing requirements.


– Is a reputed brand

– Non-messy operation’

– Quick heat feature offered

– Boost steam feature

– Auto clean available


– The auto-clean operation can be enhanced

  1. Panasonic NI-E410TMSM 2150-Watt Steam Iron (Aquamarine)

Panasonic brings one of the best handheld steam iron India, which is sleek to look at and easy to handle. This steam iron is also one of the raging bestsellers due to its specified features that make it an instant hit.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4.9/5

Value for money: 4.5/5

Customer Care: 4.5/5

Overall Ratings: 4.9/5

Specifications Factors:

  1. Item Weight:1300 Grams
  2. Power Consumption: 2150 W
  3. Power Source: n/a
  4. Warranty: 1 year

Specific Features

– Comprises of auto Anti-Calc System that ensures that the deposits due to hard water are removed from the device.

– With the U-shaped steam circulation Soleplate, the steam from 29 vents from the U-shaped groove is spread over the surface of the fabric. This ensures 25% more steam expulsion.

– With even steam distribution, the fabric and the crease are eliminated with a few strokes and offer satisfactory results.

– The Soleplates is 5% longer; hence proper ironing can be done that covers more fabric are to be pressed out.

– With the help of the Vertical steam, the feature allows to steam out the hanging garments as well.

– Also features the curved soleplate that prevents the fabric from bunching up, thus offering a swift operation within a few minutes


– Auto OFF feature available

– The product build is good

– The water spray is spread over a wide area

– Is a reliable product

– Trusted brand

– Value for money


– none

  1. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000W Steam Iron with Steam Burst, Vertical, and Horizontal Ironing, Ceramic Coated Soleplate, Blue

This is among the best steam iron standing India that brings together fine design and the latest features to offer wrinkle-free clothes in no time.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4.5/5

Value for money:4.5 /5

Customer Care: 4/5

Overall Ratings: 4.3/5

Specifications Factors:

1. Item Weight:3.09 Pounds

2. Power Consumption: 2000 W

3. Power Source: n/a

4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features

– Features a fine 350 ml of water tank that also comprises variable steam control.

– The soleplates are Ceramic coated and comprise 46 steam holes.

– The product offers 11g of continuous steam flow and extra-large soleplates covering large areas to iron out.

– Also comprises a 360-degree swivel cord that offers freedom of movement when iron-out the clothes.

– The Power steam shots are 150 g/min, which offers a fine spray feature that efficiently does the job.

– The product is ISI approved, making it one of the most sought-after products around.

– Has a Turbo Boost feature that offers spray steam at high speeds to get rid of the stubborn crease.

– The vertical steam feature makes it possible to iron out clothes hanging vertically.

– The Auto-clean feature makes this product a desirable one. CFA


– Auto clean available

– Vertical steam feature

– Is ISI approved

– Easy to handle

– Strong ironing action


– The cord length can be increased.

  1. INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium-2000W with 22g/min Continuous Steam, 0.8g/Shot Steam Burst, Vertical Steam

This is one of the best electric iron in India from the brand house of Insala. The product is a near-perfect steam iron that comprises all the features expected of a bestseller.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4.9 /5

Value for money: 4.5 /5

Customer Care: 4 /5

Overall Ratings:4.9 /5

Specifications Factors:

1. Item Weight: 1300 g

2. Power Consumption: 2000 W

3. Power Source: n/a

4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features

– Features Powerful steam spray thus, offering professional results.

– With the Five range temperature setting, you can press-iron various fabrics

– The Spray blast and adjustable steam feature offer to eliminate the wrinkles in no time.

– Offers both horizontal and vertical steam action, thus making it easier to iron out clothes in any position

– With the help of a Ceramic coating soleplate, the product is anti-drip and anti-stick.

– The Self-cleaning function allows the user ease of use and better handling of the product

–         LED and Precisetemperature options make this product one of the bestsellers that help the user to enjoy the overall ironing experience

– The Antidrip feature allows a more hassle-free and mess-free ironing experience.

– Also features the Anti-calc feature that does not allow any deposits to accumulate on the appliance

– Has a 360-degree swivel cord that makes for the easy handling and use of the product.


– Large plates

– Quick heating

– Is lightweight

– Good quality sole plates

– Great for delicate fabrics

– Strong steam output

– Easy to use control knob

– Strong build


– None

  1. Philips GC1920/28 1440-Watt Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Philips brings to you one of the best iron box brands in India. The product comprises the latest technology and detailed features that make it an instant hit among users.

Specifications Factors:

  1. Item Weight: 1060 g
  2. Power Consumption: 1440 W
  3. Power Source: n/a
  4. Warranty: 2 year

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review:4.3 /5

Value for money: 4 /5

Customer Care: 4/5

Overall Ratings:4.2 /5

Specific Features:

– Comprises of quick filling and emptying of the water for continued operation for a long time.

– Easy crease removal with the help of fine mist that uniformly moistens the fabric.

– Comprises of the Black American Heritage coating that easily glides across the fabric.

– Has a 17g /min of steam for fine crease removal in no time.

– The product has a fine streamlined design that is easy to store and set up as well


– The quality is long-serving for years to come

– Good quality thermostat

– The steam quality is good enough to press out even the tough fabrics

– Durable connector pin offered.


– The cord twists while using.

  1. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray (Blue)

This is one of the best steamers for clothes in India, which is easy to handle and use. The product comprises fine features that work the best for tough wrinkles.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4 /5

Value for money:4 /5

Customer Care: 4/5

Overall Ratings: 4/5

Specifications Factors:

1. Item Weight:820g 

2. Power Consumption: 1440 W

3. Power Source: n/a

4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features

– With a 1400 W of power, one can enjoy a continuous power supply for a non-stop ironing experience.

– Features a 17g/m and 120 g of Steam Boost along with spray function offers a fine operation to deal with tough crease

– Comprises of the American Heritage Black Linished Soleplates ensure an easy glide across the entire fabric.

– With easy setup and storage, the handling of this home appliance is smooth and simple


– Smooth operation

– Easy to use

– Easy to store

– Smooth gliding action

– Steam Boost is great for tough wrinkles


– Slightly heavier

  1. Bajaj MX-3 1250W Steam Iron with Steam Burst, Vertical and Horizontal Ironing, Non-Stick Coated Soleplate, White and Purple

Bajaj brings to you from among the best handheld garment steamer India. This product is easy to handle and use, thus emerging as a perfect bestseller all over.

Ask The Best Ratings

Customer’s Review: 4/5

Value for money: 4 /5

Customer Care: 4 /5

Overall Ratings: 4 /5

Specifications Factors:

  1. Item Weight: 820g
  2. Power Consumption: 1250w
  3. Power Source: n/a
  4. Warranty: 2 years

Specific Features

Comprises the non-stick coated sole plates that offer easy glide across the fabric without causing burns and damages.

– With 23 steam vents, the product ensures uniform steam distribution that helps combat the toughest of the crease.

– Features a powerful water spray that ensures to reach out to the toughest of wrinkles, thus, easing it out.

– Now, you can easily navigate across every nook and corner of the cloth with the 360 swivel cord.

– Offers a vertical ironing feature as well, thus, ensuring you an easy application as and when required.


– Trusted brand

– Lightweight

– Vertical ironing feature

– Even steam distribution

– Has a full-tank capacity for a long run

– Quick heating capacity

– Good value for money



– Overall size can be improved

Best Steam Iron in India- Buying Guide

Now that you know about the top in best steam iron for home use in India let us look at the appliance itself. There are a few features that can enhance the user’s experience with the product. So, when buying a steam iron, here are the features you must watch out for:

  1. Different Types of Steam Irons

Considering your requirement, there are three types of steam irons to choose from:

Conventional steam iron: In this type, tiny amounts of steam are allowed on the surface of the fabric. Also, any water type can be used in this type as It comprises the anti-calcium valves.

Steam Ironing system: These require a complete setup and need space accordingly. Also, this type takes longer to heat up and cannot turn-Off when left unattended. Does not comprise of spray function and are effective in their results.

Cordless System: 

Much like the regular type, except these do not comprise of cord. This type offers more flexibility in their use.

  1. Type of Water Tank
  1. Water Tank Capacity: Now, this entirely depends upon your family requirements and the number of clothes you need to iron out at a time. A large water tank with a capacity of 1 to 2.5 litres is preferred if you have a huge bundle to deal with each time. Likewise, go for a compact design with a capacity of 0.27 to 0.4litres if you are single or a couple.
  1. Steam Vents: this is measured in ‘grams per minute.’ The more the number of steam vents, the better and quicker the ironing will be. The vents are a vital part of the steam iron as it ensures even distribution of the steam all over the surface of the fabric, hence better results. Also, the efficiency of the steam iron increases with the number of vents. There are certain models that comprise fewer vents but of larger diameter; this is also a great feature, as it ensures larger expulsion of steam over the cloth as you iron it out. However, according to the experts, it is advised to opt for an iron box with a large number of vents.
  1. Steam Blasts: This feature is required for times when you need extra steam at times for stubborn crease. A steam blast is a strong shot of steam that can be used in-between ironing. These outputs are of range 110g to 340g/ minute. The steam blast is also known as a steam jet or a shot of steam. The best part about the steam blast is that it is effective in getting rid of wrinkles in no time. Also, the user must go for a steam blast feature as it is suitable for various types of fabrics. For a better deal, it is advised to check out the specifications stated in the box or the manual.
  1. Sole Plate Type: The soleplate type helps in the easy glide of the product on the fabric. Also reduces burns and debris sticking on the surface unnecessarily. Some of the more popular types are:

Non-Stick Soleplate: this is economical and glides easily over the fabric surface. As the name suggests, the non-stick soleplates do not stick on the surface of the fabric. This is usually stated on top of the product box or description. 

Ceramic Plates: Some of the best steam iron boxes in India comprise the Ceramic plates that are expensive as well. Also, the Ceramic plates help in the even distribution of the steam as it glides over the surface of the cloth.

It is advised to avoid the Aluminum soleplate as they tend to produce friction as they glide across the fabric. This can damage the fabric in the long run. Also, the Aluminum soleplate tends to get a bit ‘sticky’ after a while. This causes the appliance to wear out soon. However, one cannot deny the fact that this type is quite popular mainly due to its cheap price tag.

  1. Type of Water Tank
  1. Spray Mist: A spray mist feature works by ensuring that the water spray reaches out to the tough to reach crevices and folds of the cloth as you iron out. The spray mist feature is evidently important as it allows the addition of moisture to your fabric. This helps in releasing the crease. Hence it is recommended by the experts to ensure your iron has this feature before you zero on a certain model.
  1. Anti Drip Design: With the help of the anti-drip design, you can ensure a no-mess operation where you do not have to worry about water leaking out. The anti-drip feature works by the water supply getting automatically cut-off when a certain temperature is achieved. This is done with the help of an adjustable thermostat that gets to work by allowing you to set a specific temperature for a certain cloth type.
  1. Ergonomic Handles and Controls: After all, it is a home appliance that will be handled by hand. Therefore, the design must be user-friendly, non-bulky, and with an easy-grip handle. Also, it is advised for the users to opt for handles that are heat-proof. This will not only offer you the right grip but also long-term protection from burns and accidents. Most handles are slippery and are not exactly comfortable to grip-on on. Hence be sure to test out the product before you purchase.
  1. Suitability on Fabric: Fabric compatibility is a major aspect that one needs to watch out for. Not all steam irons are meant for thick or delicate fabrics. So, be careful when selecting the iron for the required fabric type. As mentioned earlier, the Aluminum soleplates can damage your fabric. Hence be sure to know your iron type and how suitable it is on your fabric before finalizing your choice.
  1. Weight: As you will be handling the appliance by hand, it needs to be lightweight and easy to use. Most latest designs are compact and light-weighted. There are times and incidences where the user has ended up burning the fabric as it was too heavy to manage properly. As technology is ever-evolving, the latest models are more user-friendly and light-weighted. There are certain models that are nearly 1.5 kg in weight without the water filled in them. Hence, for those of you, who have lots of ironing to be done, you do not want to end up with a sore wrist or shoulders due to the iron’s weight.
  1. Limescale Filter: There are times when we are not too sure about the water type we need to be using. Hence the Limescale filter can make all the difference in maintaining your appliance by filtering out the Calcium deposits. These are generally of two types of filters: the calc-collection system or the replaceable cartridges that filter out the water. The best part about this feature is that it enables you to use tap water as well instead of distilled water for ironing. This eases off a lot of stress for the user, as you can easily use any water type for ironing your clothes anywhere. However, be sure to figure out if the iron you wish to grab has this feature, as sometimes it is not exactly stated on the box.
  1. Anti Calc Feature: Also another term for the limescale filter, the feature is known as the anti-calc cart ensures that there are no Calcium and Lime deposits on your machine due to hard water. As mentioned earlier, it is usually of two types: the TheCalc-collection system or the replaceable cartridge type. Go for the anti-calc system as it allows the user to be able to use the tap water and not to worry about using only distilled water for the purpose of ironing every time. The feature protects your appliance from the toxic effects of hard water.
  1. Wattage: Higher wattage means more power, hence quick heating and ironing of the clothes. However, these are also quite expensive in comparison. Usually, most steam irons are of a minimum of 1500 watts, and that is quite enough to iron out most clothes. While one might want to save on the bills with a low wattage iron, however, it is not good enough to ease out the wrinkles easily. A nice 1800 W of iron is good enough to produce a strong gust of heavy steam to ‘press-out wrinkles in no time.
  1. Automatic Shutoff Feature: Just how many times have you left the iron on your favourite shirt, only to discover a hole and burning smell much later? Well, not anymore, as the auto-shut-off feature ensures that the appliance shuts off automatically after a while. This saves time, energy and avoids stress due to forgetting the iron on top of the cloth every time.
  1. Cord: Most times, we find ourselves struggling with the cord getting in our way. However, with the 360-degree swivel cord, you can enjoy the flexibility of ironing out the tough crease. There are also available cordless iron types that sit on a stand to be heated and then can be used on the fabric. Be sure to note that at least an 8 feet long cord is going to offer you better ease of use, as compared to a shorter one. Also, most of us have to work around the kind of accessibility we have; hence be sure to check out the cord length that fits your home requirement accordingly.
  1. Steam Settings: While a common steam function for a certain model is regular, others feature more specific ones. There is a steam setting for each specific fabric, thus, ensuring the precession required. The steam setting is also a great feature to have as you no longer have to deal with excessive steam when not required. This also helps prevent excessive waste of water when not required.
  1. Temperature Adjustments: This is a hot tool, and we will be dealing with temperature requirements every time. For the same, go for a specific temperature adjustment knob that allows the user to go as hot and as cold as required. Obviously, what might suit a Cotton fabric will not be suitable for the Silk one. Hence the temperature adjustment allows the user the freedom for temperature selection according to their own needs.
  1. Safety: Be sure to opt for safety features like auto-shut-off. This will help you ensure no burning of fabric or any other accidents does not occur as the steam iron is a ‘hot tool it does deal with a certain amount of danger. However, the good news is that today’s technology allows users to iron away their worries with the exclusive safety features that the manufacturers offer. This primarily includes aspects such as auto-shutoff, anti-drip, easy-grip, temperature control, and more. The safer you are, the better you will enjoy the chore of ironing clothes.
  1. Power consumption: Not surprisingly, this appliance comprises maximum electricity consumption. On average, a steam iron can use anywhere between 350 W to 3000 W of power according to its design. Nevertheless, we love to save big and electric bills at the end of the month are something we do not want to deal with. The good news is that the latest brands comprise the all-exclusive energy efficient feature that makes it easier to save on power bills.
  1. Price: Quality comes with a price; however, the deals available are plenty. So, opt for a design that is well-reputed and also does not burn off your pockets. While most good brands cost a bomb, however, various sales, discounts, and savings coupons can very well take care of that hole you might otherwise be burning into. But, be sure to invest in a nice, trustworthy product as a cloth iron is something you will be using quite often.
  1. Warranty: This is an electric appliance and needs regular maintenance and servicing. It is a wise decision to check out a long-term warranty of the steam iron so that you can benefit from free repairs and maintenance. Also, a good brand usually associates itself with reliable customer service. This goes a long way in ensuring prompt replies and solving queries we usually face while using the appliance.

Steam Iron Sole Plates Cleaning Methods

Though much neglected, however, cleaning of the iron soleplate is much required as this ensures proper maintenance of the appliance for years to come. So, how do you do it? Let us find out:

  1. Baking Soda and water: Make a baking soda and water paste and apply it all over the sole of the iron. Now use a towel to rub off the gunk and repeat using plain water.
  2. The Newspaper: Heat the appliance to the maximum and wear well-protected gear on your hands. Now take some newspaper and scrub off the junk.
  3. The Nail polish Remover: Heat the device to the maximum while wearing well-protecting mittens. Now take some acetone and dip cotton balls in it. Use this to scrub off any junk and repeat with water for a final wash.

How to Remove Burned Fabrics on The Soleplate of Steam Iron?

The best method to remove burned fabrics from steam iron is to:

– Plugin your appliance

– Warm a bit, just not too much

– Cover your hands with strong mittens

– Now, use a wooden spatula or a similar material object to scrape off the burnt fabric junk gently.

How to Remove Starch Stains on Steam Iron

If you are troubled by Starch stains covering the steam iron, you can easily remove it by following steps:

– Make a paste of Baking soda and water

– Now, smoothly apply the paste all over the soleplate of the steam iron using a wooden spatula

– Wipe away using another dry clean piece of cloth

– To clean the steam vents, use cotton swabs and clean off the residue

– Fill the reservoir with distilled water to one-third the capacity

– Plugin the appliance and turn-On the steam to the highest setting.

– Now take a nice clean cloth and steam iron it with the appliance

– This will scrub off any deposits from the sole plates and the vents

– Now pour out the remaining water and store away your appliance to safety.

Best Steam Iron Brands in India

Whether you are on the lookout for the best standing steam iron in India or a regular product, be sure to check out the brands. Our recommendations are:

Philips: Founded in the year 1891 by Gerard and Anton Philips, this is a Dutch multinational Conglomerate. The company has remained one of the top electronics in the world and has its branches in several domains. Today is one of the leading companies that has its prime focus on electronics and healthcare. Its headquarters is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Bajaj: With its headquarters located in Pune, India, Bajaj is one of the leading Indian multinational companies. The Bajaj group comprised 34 companies and was founded in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj. Today it is one of the leading companies for the manufacture of automobiles, among other products.

Havells: Also known as Havells India Limited, is an Indian electrical equipment company and was founded in the year 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta. The company has its headquarters located in Noida, UP. With 23 branches spread across 50 countries, this is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to electronic appliances.

Best Steam Iron in India- FAQs

  1. Can I use my steam iron without adding water?

Ans: Yes, Steam Iron can be used as Dry Iron without water

  1. How to create steam on my iron?


  1. For best results, pour some Vinegar and water mix into the reservoir.
  2. Plugin the appliance and hold it is facing down.
  3. Locate the Steam button and press it for the steam to be created and flow eventually.
  4. Which is better: steam iron or dry iron?

Ans: Steam iron can be used as a Dry iron, but not vice versa. Hence, a steam iron is the best.

  1. Why is it necessary to empty the water tank?

Ans: Water tanks, over time, can act as a culture for Bacteria and debris to grow. It is necessary to empty it, to maintain hygiene.

  1. What is the self-cleaning feature on a steam iron?

Ans: This feature allows the user to clean the reservoir. It is done in the following steps: 

–  fill the reservoir with water

– Plugin the device and let it attain its maximum temperature

– Position the appliance over a sink

– Press the Self-clean button, and let the water drain out

6. What is a vertical steam function?

Ans: The Vertical steam function allows the user to steam iron clothes hung vertically from the hanger/hook.

  1. What type of water should I use in Steam Iron?

Ans: It is advised to opt for distilled water or 50% demineralized water mixed with normal water.

  1. How do I clean the soleplate?

Ans: To Clean Soleplate, you will have to:

– make a baking soda and water paste

– apply on all over on the soleplate

– Allow sitting for 15 minutes

– Scrub clean with a towel

– Finally, clean with a fresh cloth dipped in water

– Allow drying before use

9. How to prevent dripping or leakage from Steam Iron?

Ans: There are a few steps to avoid leakage from steam iron:

– do not overfill the reservoir

– allow the appliance to reach a certain temperature before you start ironing

– use the steam boost feature only a couple of times in the middle of the ironing process

– At low temperatures, turn off the Steam feature

– proper cleaning of the iron is important

– use the right kind of water

10. Can I use Steam Irons for dry ironing?

Ans: Yes, Steam iron can double-up as Dry iron.

Best Steam Iron in India-The conclusion

Now that we know about the best clothes steamer India, let us take a look at our top three picks:

  1. On A Budget: INR 1000 AND ABOVE

Bajaj MX-3 1250W Steam Iron with Steam Burst, Vertical and Horizontal Ironing, Non-Stick Coated Soleplate, White and Purple

One of the best on a budget. This steam iron is sure to offer you the best of both worlds, where budget and efficiency come together.

  1. Mid-Range Type: INR 3000 and Above

Panasonic NI-E410TMSM 2150-Watt Steam Iron (Aquamarine)

Go a notch higher on your budget with this beauty from Panasonic. The product comprises some of the best features such as Titanium coating, Anti-Calc system, and great value for money.

  1. High-End Type: INR 8000 AND ABOVE

PHILIPS Perfect Care Power Life Steam Iron GC3925/34, 2400W, up to 45 g/min steam Output, Opti Temp Technology, Steam Glide Plus Soleplate, Drip-Stop and Safety Shut-Off with No-Burns Guaranteed

For the ultimate ironing experience, invest in this ‘Steam-beast’ from the brand house of Philips. The product has many hard-to-miss features such as auto-shutoff, drip-stop, Steam glide, and more. The product is more than just a good-looking machine; it also serves the purpose of quick-press, just like a professional.

So, there you have it, my dear boys and girls. All that you need to know about the best handheld garment steamer in India. Now you know that ironing your clothes is a lot more than just ‘pressing your clothes to look fresh. With the right kind of appliance by your side, you can be on your way out looking great; in every dress, every time

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