The best backup cameras for 2021

Gone are the days of straining your neck to check your blind spots and rear view while driving in reverse. Backup cameras, which have been required in new vehicles since 2018, are placed in the rear of your car (preferably as close to the center of the car as possible) and send the images to a monitor attached to a console screen. , your dashboard, or a screen built into the rearview mirror, giving you better visibility without neck pain.

Some backup cameras give you a simple rear view, while others use a wide angle or even a series of cameras to simulate a bird’s eye view of your car and its surroundings (especially useful for a large vehicle). Some rear view cameras have a sensor that beeps when your car gets close to another object. Most will have at least a grid of lines that appears on the screen to provide context for how close you are to objects in view.

However, just because it has a rearview camera doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. You can always upgrade your backup camera; You can even add additional cameras to an existing system if you have the technical knowledge to wire it correctly or know someone who does. On that note, if you’re driving an older car that doesn’t have a reversing camera, it’s a good idea to have one installed. Like dash cameras , it’s better, and safer, to have a reversing camera than not to have one. Either way, you’ll find yourself asking the same question: What do I need in a backup camera?

Here are our picks for the best aftermarket backup camera in a variety of categories, based on expert opinions and consumer ratings. And be sure to read on below for some pro tips on choosing the right rear camera system for you.

If you want easy installation and great image quality, AUTO-VOX CS-2 offers the best of both worlds. Since it’s a wireless camera, you should have no problem attaching the camera (with built-in wireless transmitter) to the back of your car, or mounting the suction cup-enabled display to your dash. That means you can save money by avoiding installation fees with this wireless system.

While wired cameras are generally more reliable than wireless, the CS-2, like the other wireless cameras we’ve featured here, is an exception to that rule. The camera uses digital (as opposed to analog) wireless transmission, which means there is virtually no interference from other signals and no image distortion. Also, the signal is strong and AUTO-VOX recommends the camera for any vehicle under 32 feet in length.

If your car doesn’t have a rear view camera and you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, it’s hard to beat the eRapta ERT01. This camera easily plugs into a car license plate and includes a 26-foot RCA cable that can be connected to a display with a compatible output. While there is no screen included with the camera, many vehicles already have screens mounted that will work with the ERT01; just be sure to check yours first, or you may end up needing to buy a separate screen.

As a wired camera, the ERT01 will be more difficult to install than your average wireless camera, but only slightly. User reviews on Amazon mention the ease of setting up the camera, with only the RCA cable needed to connect the camera to the screen. The kit also includes a cable to power the camera.

The entire package is only $26, but that’s not the only reason the ERT01 is Amazon’s best-selling backup camera. In addition to being easy to use, it is a waterproof camera, works in a temperature range of -50 to 80 degrees Celsius and has a field of view of 149 degrees. All in all, it is a reliable product that is offered at an affordable price.

Best Taurus Steam Irons 2022

Since then, the brand has been growing and expanding internationally, creating subsidiaries throughout Europe, Latin America, South Africa and India .

The company’s philosophy is based on offering quality products adapted to the specific needs of each country , as well as producing and implementing a solid and effective management system.

As far as steam irons are concerned, which is what concerns us, in this article we analyze, comment and compare the most representative and best valued models that the Taurus brand currently markets.

he 3 best Taurus steam irons in relation to Quality/Price

We analyze below, in more detail, all the models of clothes irons shown in our comparison table.

1. Taurus Jade 2200 – Taurus Basic Plancha

We begin our analysis of the Taurus brand steam irons with this basic, simple and economical model , with a price that is normally less than €25. We would recommend it, mainly, for specific or occasional uses , although it is true that it offers us more than acceptable ironing results .

The Taurus Jade 2200 iron has a power of 2,200W for rapid heating, and an almost immediate use of it. It gives off a continuous steam of 30 g/min , with a steam boost of up to 130 g/min , which allows us to remove most wrinkles from our garments , even the most resistant ones.

The soleplate made of ceramic material , together with its precision tip , makes it easier for us to slide through the different fabrics, as well as a more comfortable and precise ironing . Its weight is only 1.2 kg so it is very light and manageable .

Other noteworthy features of this model would be the possibility of vertical ironing for the most delicate garments, its double anti-limescale system with self-cleaning function and the anti-drip system that prevents drops of water from escaping during ironing.

The Different Types of Speakers You Can Buy

You are sure that you need some speakers, but finding the ideal ones for you can be a very complicated task. But of course: we want to make your life easier, and that’s why we review the different types of speakers and choose the most suitable ones to accompany the sharp image of your 4K television or listen to your favorite tracks on your .


  • standing speakers
  • bookshelf speakers
  • Satellite Speakers (Surround)
  • Subwoofers
  • surround sound system

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There’s not just budget considerations, but the fact that the different speakers available range from wonderful wireless pieces that work over Wi-Fi to traditional wired boxes, in all shapes and sizes.

The intention of this guide is not only to show you the main options, but also to summarize the most valuable qualities and applications of each type of speaker, all so that you can choose the most suitable one.

standing speakers

As the name implies, these speakers are designed to be placed on the floor. Also known as “towers”, they often include multiple drivers, along with one or more tweeters , allowing them to cover a wide range of frequencies. While modern floorstanding speakers can be large (depending on the size of the drivers used), they can also be found in slimmer designs.

You’ll see a lot of these types of speakers in home theater setups , especially the more expensive ones. For many connoisseurs, they are still the best options for listening to music. Their price range is wide, and while you’ll find models for less than $100 (per speaker), you’ll see higher-end models that can cost thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Many of these floorstanding speakers cover enough of the frequency spectrum that they don’t need a subwoofer, but they will need to be larger for that. For most audio fans, you can choose between larger towers and no subwoofer, or slimmer (and shorter) towers along with a subwoofer that adds extra power to the lower frequencies.

In any case, floor-standing speakers are relatively heavy compared to other models and also tend to take up some space, which can bother you if your home is not spacious enough.

bookshelf speakers

As the name suggests, bookshelf speakers require a bit of furniture to bring the primary high frequencies up to ear level, like speaker stands or (you guessed it) a bookshelf. Most of these speakers have a main woofer about five inches in diameter, as well as a one-inch tweeter in a two-way configuration, although some, like ELAC’s Uni-fi UB5 , offer a trio of drivers in a crossover configuration. three way. While they don’t typically have the same fidelity as a floorstanding speaker, you’ll still get plenty of good quality sound.

Top 5 Online Essay Writing Services

Searching for authentic help for academic paper service is really difficult task especially in this era when there are thousands of custom essay writing services available with one click, this is the point where people get confused on how to select. the service that will meet your requirement. Also, all the service providers claim that they are the best in the market, but honestly only a few are really good when it comes to their services.

It’s not just the situation mentioned above, there are a lot of fake reviews and comments out there to get your attention online, because they want you to feel like they have the best option for you. When you received their service most of the time you will receive a low quality and plagiarized article from them who said they are the best. Before reading the following points, you can get the best paper writing service from us.


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If you need to have a high-quality thesis and research paper within the allotted time frame at a reasonable price, is probably the best option for you. It is the highly rated essay writing service with its numerous types of writing style and assistance that will definitely ensure the high rating.

These are the best heaters you can buy for winter

What is the best heater on the market? Comparison, types and brands

When choosing the best heater for your home, you have to attend to a great amalgam of models with different characteristics .

Of course, each type is specific to each case, so choosing the heater correctly will be good for your pocket, whether it is one of the leading brands such as DeLonghi, Orbegozo and Bomann , or other lesser-known ones.

heater type

Of air

These are the multi- purpose heaters par excellence . They are made up of a resistor and a fan, so they can be placed anywhere.


Although it is included in the air heaters, the truth is that these models retain heat and reduce consumption thanks to their operation and their quartz bars for heating.

Infrared heater or panels

Unlike the previous ones, these types are less versatile and portable . They are more efficient and consume less energy in exchange for losing mobility.

Of oil

Although its appearance is that of a radiator, this type of heater heats up relatively easily and is one of the safest alternatives for heating up since its oil does not burn.

In return, it can emit certain gases that worsen the quality of the air as long as it is not used properly or maintained correctly. For example, it is not recommended to dry clothes with them.

Power and energy consumption

The use of heaters, especially depending on the power, will increase energy consumption, and therefore the bill. That is why you should choose the power based on the size of the room .

Typically, 1,000 watts can heat rooms of up to 15 square meters with some ease; but they will be inefficient for rooms of 20 square meters or larger.

Likewise, betting on ceramic heaters or panels contributes to savings; but if you have a thermostat you will be able to maximize its function and not have surprises at the end of the month.

Tips for using a heater safely

Whether you have heat or not, sometimes you need a little extra help to beat the cold . However, carelessness with heat sources can cause unpleasant incidents. That is why following a few simple guidelines can mean that they are used with complete peace of mind:

  • Condition the space you are going to heat and move the heater one meter away from any object.
  • Make sure that the cable and the plug that connects it to the electrical current are in optimal conditions.
  • Adjust the temperature on the thermostat and gradually adjust it to the room.
  • Do not keep it on for a long time or more than necessary, and unplug it after turning it off.
  • After use, make sure it is cool before storing it   to prevent dust from accumulating.

How to clean a heater

All devices accumulate dust and dirt, so it is important to avoid obstructing the air outlet .

It will not only prevent health mishaps, but also prevent fatal risks. Therefore, a compressed air tool will help remove dirt better than any other element.

The first thing is to turn off the device . Once cold, you can start cleaning, paying special attention to the exit areas.

What is a balanced draft heater

It is an efficient and functional type of heater that provides heat safely , in contrast to infrared or catalytic heaters, since they generate burnt gases by removing oxygen.

They are also sustainable , as they do not pollute during use.

Top 10 Sites Like KissMovies For Watching Movies Online

kissmovies Streaming companies provide various streaming speeds. You can check the speed of the streaming provider. There are many ways you can do this. Netflix even offers a speed index for various ISPs.
If you are on a project to examine video speed or even utilizing any of the streaming sites, you want to check streaming speed. We utilized to manage this utilizing the Kissmovies test but because this is prohibited in most of the nations, we believed to provide some alternatives which can be beneficial for evaluating your streaming speed.

Top 10 Sites Like kissmovies For Watching Movies Online

In this article, you can know about kissmovies here are the details below;

About Kissmovies

Kissmovies is one of the most popular sites for enjoying motion pictures and TV series. It provides good quality videos. It has all ranges of films like comedy, drama, and action, etc. It resembles a whole bundle for online streaming and readily available for free.

Kissmovies shows motion pictures in HD format and viewing movie registration is not mandatory.
Kissmovies enables you to download movies free of charge. You can watch Action, Musical, Secret, Mythological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Animation, War, Thriller, Horror, Experience, Funny, Bio, and Documentaries on Kissmovies.
It can be used in lots of nations including India, the UK, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, and France. Kissmovies has a collection of numerous old movies too. It permits the movie selection according to different genres and years of release. Also check 1337x.

It has a search engine that can offer websites for motion picture streaming. It helps in discovering the link to the popular TELEVISION series. For videos, it has an HD format.
It has an simple to use user interface and good image quality. Movies are available for free download & can be downloaded without students. It has fewer ads & so less disturbance.
Some ISPs have actually banned the Kissmovies site. Likewise, there is a possibility that Kissmovies’s site might be down. So because case, you should learn about the options.

DVDFab– As poor streaming speed may provide you an undesirable online streaming experience, it would be a great concept to download streaming videos from the streaming sites for offline watching. Nevertheless, is that reasonable?

It is reasonable with a 3rd-party streaming downloader software application like DVDFab Downloader. This software application provides an all-in-one downloading service plan that can assist you download streaming videos as MP4 videos of approximately 4K quality.
The supported sites include YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Movement, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney+, AppleTV+, Paramount+, Hulu, and all the other popular complimentary video sharing websites and paid streaming services.

Vumoo offers good quality material. You can watch movies & TV series on Vumoo. Like Solar Movies and Vumoo is also totally free. It has an excellent collection of films and documentaries. For watching movies registration is not obligatory however by registering yourself you can watch limitless movies free of charge. The website enables you to download the videos. Based on the online reviews, the site is not that organized if compared to competitors.

How to Connect Consoles to a Bluetooth Gaming Chair

To be completely honest, Bluetooth gaming chairs aren’t exactly wireless. There are so many different gaming chairs and they all have different features.

Not only do gaming chairs vary, but not all consoles support Bluetooth connections. If you have a Bluetooth gaming chair, this guide will show you how to connect consoles to a Bluetooth gaming chair. Yes, it is still possible even for Xbox One which lacks Bluetooth capabilities.

Setting up your wireless transmitters

X-Rocker Games

When you hear Bluetooth, you immediately think it’s going to be wireless. In fact, these wireless transmitters aren’t exactly wireless either. But, in order to connect your gaming chair to your console via Bluetooth, you will have to use these wireless transmitters to do so.

There are two types of wireless transmitters. They are the analog transmitter and the wireless DAC (digital to analog converter) transmitter. They both act as a third-party device that connects the two devices (your Bluetooth gaming chair and console/TV) via radio waves.

Both types of wireless transmitters must be connected to a control and must be received by a receiver. Most gaming chairs, which offer Bluetooth capabilities, also include a transmitter and receiver with the appropriate cables.

The transmitter needs to be connected to the gaming chair while the receiver is connected to the console or TV. Here are the steps you must follow for each type of wireless transmitter.

analog transmitter

Power on the transmitter and set a wireless channel on the transmitter. You can see the wireless channels on the transmitter itself, which are typically labeled 1, 2, and 3.

Plug it into the headphone jack or audio jack (usually the 3.5mm jack) on your TV. Set the volume of your TV in the menu and the manual volume of the TV itself. It depends on the type of TV you have.

Make sure your transmitter is on, as well as the gaming chair. Set the gaming chair to the same channel as your transmitter and it should be connected at this point.

You can test the controls on the gaming chair to see if it works or is connected. You should be able to hear the TV’s audio output to your gaming chair speakers.

Wireless DAC Transmitter

For an optical connection, use the cable provided by the gaming chair and connect it to the SPDIF port on the wireless DAC transmitter. Connect the other end of the cable to the SPDIF or Digital Out (optical) port on your console. Use the USB cable to connect the transmitter to your console and turn it on.

Turn on the gaming chair after connecting the transmitter to your console and turn it on as well. Set the gaming chair to the same transmitter channel as the wireless DAC transmitter and that should connect it.

Setting up your gaming chair for your consoles

PS4 Settings

While on the main PS4 screen, go to your settings and open it. Find Sound and Screen and open the next one. Choose Audio Output Settings and it opens two options. Select Primary Output Port and change from HDMI OUT to DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) which should be the SPDIF port cable we just connected a while ago.

If it does not appear, there is something wrong with the (wireless) connection or the cable is not connected correctly. Try moving your gaming chair closer to your PS4 and going in and out of setup to see if it works.

5 WordPress SEO Tips to Optimize Your Site in 2021

Leaving aside the obvious recommendations, we bring you the following list of the best 10 WordPress SEO tips 2021, which includes the most used plugins this 2021, installation, advantages, disadvantages, recommendations, among others. If they are applied correctly, you will add value to your website and a great experience for your customers. That is why we present to you:

Top 10 WordPress SEO 2021 Tips to Optimize Your Website:

1. Install the right SEO plugins

a) Rank Math SEO: It is the only and best free SEO plugin for WordPress, with a huge variety of functionalities. It helps to control the most basic aspects of the on-page SEO of your website. Some of its most important features are:

  • Easy Setup Wizard – Allows you to configure the most basic aspects with just a few clicks.
  • Clean and simple user interface:  the interface displays the most important information in a clean way making it easy to use in your publications.
  • Integration with Google Search Console:  connected to your Google account, you will be able to see the most important information from  Google Search Console  without leaving the WordPress administrator.
  • Error monitor:  allows you to monitor the 404 errors on your website and see detailed statistics to be able to solve this type of failure.
  • Automated Image SEO:  Rank Math can automatically fill in the ALT and Title fields based on the image name.
  • XML Sitemap:  configure your website to automatically create the sitemap, you can manage what it includes and what it does not.
  • Structured data:  configure the schema markup of your content.
  • Automatic Ping:  Rank Math will ping every time you create new content so that search engines index it faster.
  • SEO analysis: carry out an SEO analysis of your website and provide a report with an assessment of the current state.
  • Individual SEO customization:  overwrites the default settings for all types of content. Easily define if that URL should be indexed or not, if it is canonical, if it should be included in the sitemap, etc.
  • Redirections: allows you to create and manage all kinds of redirections on your website without the need to install other plugins.
  • Automatic importer:  If you are already using another SEO plugin, Rank Math allows you to import settings in one click from plugins like Yoast.

Would you like to install it? In the following video we explain how to do it in the simplest way.

How to install Rank Math SEO

b) Google Site Kit – Google ‘s new WordPress plugin that integrates Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense and PageSpeed ​​Insights. It is still in beta version.

c) WP Review The best snippet plugin, supports 14 data types (including editor reviews, user reviews, and recipes), comes with 16 pre-built templates, and is compatible with MyThemeShop. It is lightweight and has a free version and a professional version with quite a few options.

d) Simple Table of Contents – Adding a table of contents has huge SEO benefits. It pushes long content, allows people to link to specific sections of your post, gets them clicked, and Google can give you skip links by using name anchors.

e) Automatic Alt Attributes: Automatically add alt text to images, you no longer have to do it manually.

f) Broken Link Checker is still the easiest way to find/fix broken links, but ongoing scans consume a lot of CPU (make sure to disable it when you’re done).

g) Quick Page / Post Redirect – Free redirect plugin that you can use to fix crawl errors (broken pages) found in Google Search Console (Yoast also has a setting for that).

h) Republish Old Posts – Resets the post dates to the current day, making all your posts look fresh in search results. It’s a bit cheap (considering you didn’t actually update your posts with new content) but it can increase your CTR.

i) Yoast Premium Plugins – I don’t use these because they don’t directly help SEO, but a lot of people consider them. I wrote a review on Yoast premium explaining how redirects can be done with free plugins, multi-focus keywords aren’t as useful as you might think, and another reason why I don’t think it’s worth $89 a year.

j) WP Rocket – Cache plugin ranked number one in various Facebook polls. Easy to set up, produces great results, and is frequently updated. It comes with many features that most caching plugins don’t include (database cleanup, lazy loading, Google Analytics local hosting, heartbeat monitoring, and integration with Cloudflare and other CDNs).

k) Analytify – Displays Google Analytics metrics directly in the WordPress dashboard.

l) Really Simple SSL: Automatically configures the site for SSL. However, you still need to sign up for an SSL.

We continue with the second recommendation of our 10 WordPress SEO Tips 2021:

2. Enjoy the new keyword research tools

• Answer The Public: Extract keywords from Google Autocomplete and create a visual keyword map. Divide keywords into questions, prepositions, and comparison keywords. The greener the circle, the more searches the keyword will have. It’s not only a great way to find keywords, but also to make sure your content is complete and answers all the questions people are asking.

3. Forget keyword density

The SEO analysis gives a green light when you complete the recommendations. The problem is that most of it has to do with the use of keywords, and there is more to on-page SEO than this.

What really should be taken into account:

4. Evite los Snippet Variables

We recommend that you do not use templates for SEO titles and meta descriptions. Writing custom templates is ALWAYS better and templates should never be relied upon as they are not optimized for keywords, green bar length or CTR.

5. Add a table of contents

It is recommended to create 3,000 word articles, Google loves full content and although it may seem overwhelming, it is easier when you start with a table of contents. This has huge SEO benefits, like Google giving skip links using named anchors and allowing people to link to specific sections. It also increases the time spent on the page.