8 real estate business ideas for freelancers

The real estate sector is one of the essential areas of the economy and, decade after decade, new records have been reached both in the number of transactions and in the price per square meter.

Therefore, creating a business within this professional sector can be a great option. aim!

8 ideas to undertake in real estate

We review some perfect business ideas to undertake in the real estate sector:

1. Real estate coaching

While in 2016 a third of sales were made between individuals, a new trade appeared to stay in this market niche: real estate coaching. The objective is to accompany individuals in the sale of their properties.

For example, if a client has real estate in Palma de Mallorca and wants to sell it, this professional profile is responsible for estimating the value of the property and developing the communication strategy to apply.

This trade is on the rise and is characterized by being flexible, human-focused and having numerous competitive advantages.

2. El home staging

Along the same lines, we find home staging . It comes from the United States and has been popularized in Europe through various television programs.

he Home Staging Advisor facilitates real estate sales through a makeover . With this type of intervention, the home stagers allow a reduction in the terms of sale and the negotiation range , which offers them an excellent lever to quickly sign numerous contracts.

3. Real estate hunting

Unlike the real estate agent or negotiator looking for buyers, the real estate hunter is the professional who looks for real estate that corresponds to the specifications of buyers who lack time for this task.

Therefore, it targets high-income households and must be able to produce precise specifications. Subsequently, you must conduct thorough research to find the property that corresponds to your clients. The job of real estate hunter is developed in particular in the basins that present a strong real estate pressure.

4. The real estate diagnosis

Driven by increasingly demanding regulations and by an increasing number of transactions, the real estate diagnostics sector knows no crisis.

It is one of the most promising sectors. With real estate diagnostics franchises , project owners benefit from solid training and complete support to exercise.

5. Real estate negotiation

Another of the most prominent areas in the world of real estate is real estate negotiation. It is ideal for those professionals who want to update themselves within the sector.

The real estate broker is an independent commercial agent who acts on behalf of a real estate agency or franchise to market real estate and manage the relationship with the client .

6. The real estate agency

The real estate agency provides its clients with a variety of services : from the sale or rental of real estate to management , the search for financing or the preparation of administrative procedures .

7. The Wealth Building Council

The real estate sector is also an investment solution for many households that want to acquire assets. This is where the role of the wealth advisor becomes important. This is an expert in the market, who is capable of forecasting and has a great command of finance or tax regulation. 

8. Professional advice on real estate

The real estate sector is a sector that presents little competition , which is why it constitutes an excellent business opportunity for those who are attracted to this professional field.

From the point of view of human relations and contact with the client, as well as remuneration, the real estate sector is an area in full growth and expansion.