5 WordPress SEO Tips to Optimize Your Site in 2021

Leaving aside the obvious recommendations, we bring you the following list of the best 10 WordPress SEO tips 2021, which includes the most used plugins this 2021, installation, advantages, disadvantages, recommendations, among others. If they are applied correctly, you will add value to your website and a great experience for your customers. That is why we present to you:

Top 10 WordPress SEO 2021 Tips to Optimize Your Website:

1. Install the right SEO plugins

a) Rank Math SEO: It is the only and best free SEO plugin for WordPress, with a huge variety of functionalities. It helps to control the most basic aspects of the on-page SEO of your website. Some of its most important features are:

  • Easy Setup Wizard – Allows you to configure the most basic aspects with just a few clicks.
  • Clean and simple user interface:  the interface displays the most important information in a clean way making it easy to use in your publications.
  • Integration with Google Search Console:  connected to your Google account, you will be able to see the most important information from  Google Search Console  without leaving the WordPress administrator.
  • Error monitor:  allows you to monitor the 404 errors on your website and see detailed statistics to be able to solve this type of failure.
  • Automated Image SEO:  Rank Math can automatically fill in the ALT and Title fields based on the image name.
  • XML Sitemap:  configure your website to automatically create the sitemap, you can manage what it includes and what it does not.
  • Structured data:  configure the schema markup of your content.
  • Automatic Ping:  Rank Math will ping every time you create new content so that search engines index it faster.
  • SEO analysis: carry out an SEO analysis of your website and provide a report with an assessment of the current state.
  • Individual SEO customization:  overwrites the default settings for all types of content. Easily define if that URL should be indexed or not, if it is canonical, if it should be included in the sitemap, etc.
  • Redirections: allows you to create and manage all kinds of redirections on your website without the need to install other plugins.
  • Automatic importer:  If you are already using another SEO plugin, Rank Math allows you to import settings in one click from plugins like Yoast.

Would you like to install it? In the following video we explain how to do it in the simplest way.

How to install Rank Math SEO

b) Google Site Kit – Google ‘s new WordPress plugin that integrates Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense and PageSpeed ​​Insights. It is still in beta version.

c) WP Review The best snippet plugin, supports 14 data types (including editor reviews, user reviews, and recipes), comes with 16 pre-built templates, and is compatible with MyThemeShop. It is lightweight and has a free version and a professional version with quite a few options.

d) Simple Table of Contents – Adding a table of contents has huge SEO benefits. It pushes long content, allows people to link to specific sections of your post, gets them clicked, and Google can give you skip links by using name anchors.

e) Automatic Alt Attributes: Automatically add alt text to images, you no longer have to do it manually.

f) Broken Link Checker is still the easiest way to find/fix broken links, but ongoing scans consume a lot of CPU (make sure to disable it when you’re done).

g) Quick Page / Post Redirect – Free redirect plugin that you can use to fix crawl errors (broken pages) found in Google Search Console (Yoast also has a setting for that).

h) Republish Old Posts – Resets the post dates to the current day, making all your posts look fresh in search results. It’s a bit cheap (considering you didn’t actually update your posts with new content) but it can increase your CTR.

i) Yoast Premium Plugins – I don’t use these because they don’t directly help SEO, but a lot of people consider them. I wrote a review on Yoast premium explaining how redirects can be done with free plugins, multi-focus keywords aren’t as useful as you might think, and another reason why I don’t think it’s worth $89 a year.

j) WP Rocket – Cache plugin ranked number one in various Facebook polls. Easy to set up, produces great results, and is frequently updated. It comes with many features that most caching plugins don’t include (database cleanup, lazy loading, Google Analytics local hosting, heartbeat monitoring, and integration with Cloudflare and other CDNs).

k) Analytify – Displays Google Analytics metrics directly in the WordPress dashboard.

l) Really Simple SSL: Automatically configures the site for SSL. However, you still need to sign up for an SSL.

We continue with the second recommendation of our 10 WordPress SEO Tips 2021:

2. Enjoy the new keyword research tools

• Answer The Public: Extract keywords from Google Autocomplete and create a visual keyword map. Divide keywords into questions, prepositions, and comparison keywords. The greener the circle, the more searches the keyword will have. It’s not only a great way to find keywords, but also to make sure your content is complete and answers all the questions people are asking.

3. Forget keyword density

The SEO analysis gives a green light when you complete the recommendations. The problem is that most of it has to do with the use of keywords, and there is more to on-page SEO than this.

What really should be taken into account:

4. Evite los Snippet Variables

We recommend that you do not use templates for SEO titles and meta descriptions. Writing custom templates is ALWAYS better and templates should never be relied upon as they are not optimized for keywords, green bar length or CTR.

5. Add a table of contents

It is recommended to create 3,000 word articles, Google loves full content and although it may seem overwhelming, it is easier when you start with a table of contents. This has huge SEO benefits, like Google giving skip links using named anchors and allowing people to link to specific sections. It also increases the time spent on the page.